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Title: All in the Morning Betime
Play: Hamlet
Pairing/characters: Ophelia
Rating: It's gen and centers around a bawdy song which isn't quoted, so let's just say G.
Word Count: 140
Prompt(s) used: education, from 2/23 (kind of)
Summary: A young Ophelia does not learn about sex but does learn about other things.
Author's notes: Man, I don't know why all my Shakesfics are about kids. Anyway, hernewshoes and I watched the BBC Hamlet (with Derek Jacobi) this evening, and it was probably Lalla Ward's very innocent Ophelia that gave me this plotbunny.

in which I break my vow of not writing Hamlet fic YET AGAINCollapse )

see, look, this community? not dead!

Here, have some genfic from a play nobody ever writes fic about (except for commodorified and me! But nobody else). I started this ages ago, got stuck at the end, and then pulled it up while thinking about something else I'm working on. I apologize in advance for the wankiness of the author's note.

Title: Entre Deux Morts
Play: Richard II
Pairing/characters: Richard II and a bunch of dead people
Rating: gen; contains implicit theory
Word Count: 140
Prompt(s) used: legacy (from 2/09. I love that set of prompts because they practically scream "HEY LEA, GO WRITE SOME RICHARD II FIC NOW." And Lord knows I can't resist Richard II.)
Summary: Within the hollow crown keeps Death his court.
Author's Notes: I started on this before the prompts came up, but it actually fit one, so I finished it (eventually). This is almost as much historical fic as it is Shakespearean, but the deposition as imagined here is Shakespeare's invention, so it totally counts. Also, this piece owes something of a debt, in an inverted fashion, to Ernst Kantorowicz's The King's Two Bodies, as well as Jacques Lacan (from whom I took the title. The deux morts are literal and symbolic; the link explains this more concisely than I can) by way of Slavoj Žižek, by way of Paul Strohm (who applies this principle to the historical Richard II in England's Empty Throne), something I didn't realize until I'd written most of it. This sort of thing is what happens when you let pretentious graduate students loose in your fic communities.

Anyway, the ficlet.Collapse )
Title: Fortinbras’ sons
Play: Hamlet
Pairing/characters: Horatio, Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Rating: G
Word Count: 140
Prompt(s) used: sky, education, legacy
Summary: Horatio studies political theory.
Author's Notes: I never write drabbles, so this is rather new to me. Written in one go and unbeta’d, and its terrible but whatever.

Feedback highly appreciated.Collapse )


Sorry I didn't post prompts last week, I was out of town.

Word: education
Theme: suppression of emotions
Theme: ravages of war
Poem:  "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd" by Sir Walter Raliegh*

*angevin2 was so kind as to tell me ^_^

If you want to write something from a previous prompt go right ahead! It doesn't have to be from this weeks prompts.
Story #1
prompt: legacy

Title: A Reason for Everything
Fandom/Characters: Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck
Rating: G/PG

He never doubted the possibilitiesCollapse )

Story #2
prompt: corruption in society

Title: Hope, and Blessings
Fandom/Characters: Hamlet, Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: G/PG

The water was as clear blue as he had seen it on an Autumn afternoon.Collapse ).

Be What I Am Not

Title: Be What I Am Not
Play:   Hamlet
Pairing/characters: Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: pg
Word Count: 156
Prompt(s) used: legacy
Summary: Hamlet to Horatio - words not spoken.


People have posted! Yay! I love you all!

Word: legacy
Theme: corruption in society
Theme2: plague
Picture: Narcissus - Michelangelo Caravaggio ca. 1598


Word: Gold Chain
Theme: the greater good
Theme2: industrialization
Picture: Pygmalion – Edward Burne-Jones 1878

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