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Story #1
prompt: legacy

Title: A Reason for Everything
Fandom/Characters: Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck
Rating: G/PG

It was why humans had babies, the way he figured it, he sincerely doubted it was for his amusement. Despite what Oberon (and Titania) wanted to believe.

Still it didn't stop him from conjuring tricks: shifting the lights to create designs and spells; playing songs with words written from air. He changed vases of flowers to flightless birds, and he bespelled milk into honeysuckle wine. And when Oberon ordered, he changed the human babes for changelings.

Because humans, he knew, were not the only ones fighting to keep their legacy for the next, and after. They were just better with the dynamics.

Story #2
prompt: corruption in society

Title: Hope, and Blessings
Fandom/Characters: Hamlet, Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: G/PG

Something rotten in the state of Denmark, and yet he gave Fortinbras his dying voice. Was it wise? Was it supposed to be?

The wind was salt in his tongue, and teased his hair. The hills hadn't changed, not since his prince's untimely death. The nature of things had shifted, obviously. The people had to find places in the new structure, and acquaint themselves with the new king. For him? - It didn't matter.

Men were men, when it came right down to it. Always moving forward, never so wary as they ought to be: not even Hamlet, perhaps especially Hamlet.

Horatio sighed, and turned away. Their was a ship out there on the water, with open, white sails, and a deck full of promise. But it wouldn't matter, for he'd never truly escape.

Voices were painting Hamlet's name to be a bitter curse, children would whisper in jest, and mothers would warn: "Hush, child, or else you'll go mad as good Prince Hamlet." It somehow amused him, how they added the 'good.'

No, it didn't matter. He couldn't escape. England was not part of his destiny, nor was anywhere else. He was to remain here until his prince returned for him, for only then would he escape this world and its other men.

He took in a deep breath. A ship out there on the water, with open, white sails, and a deck full of promises. Horatio almost smiled.

No, it wouldn't be long now.

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