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shakespeare140's Journal

Shakespeare Drabble Community
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Shakespearean Drabble Challenges
Shakespearean Drabble Community.

Every week, I'll post a prompt or two and people can write a 140 word drabble based off of any of Shakespeare's works.

Why 140, you ask? Most drabble communities have 100 word challenges, but we're based off of Shakespeare. He is famous for (among other things) his sonnets. Fourteen lines. Ten syllables per line. Fourteen times ten equals 140. There you have it.

Format for posting.
Word Count:
Prompt(s) used:
Author's Notes:

1. No flaming. We welcome all pairings here, het, slash, femslash, whatever. Constructive Criticism's great, but don't be needlessly mean.
2. You do not have to post every week, or at all, to join. Just enjoy reading stuff!
3. That being said, POST STUFF! This'll be more fun if people participate.
4. If you find you've got too much to say, you can go over. Post the wordcount to say something along the lines of 140 x however much longer it is.
5. Only Shakespeare related drabbles, please? And no advertising other stuff. It's only for posting fics.
6. Please post an actual copy of the fic on the community, not a link or anything. If you crosspost (and feel free to) link back to us so that we'll get more people and eventually TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
7. Writing in Elizabethan English is not required. If you want to do it and can do it, by all means, do it. Have fun!

I can't think of anything else. Go! Post! Have fun!